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Inspirational Reading

Group 1
Turning your back from Evils 
Group 2 
Turning towards Goodness  
Group 3
Making yourself useful
Group 4
Harmony in the Family
Group 5
Becoming the pillar of Society
Group 6
Preparing ones heart & mind to meet the basic qualifications
Group 7
Seeking the basic virtue of Dhamma for oneself
Group 8
Seeking the advanced virtue of Dhamma for oneself
Group 9
Actual practice to terminate the Impurities in the Mind
Group 10
Result from practising oneself untill all the Kilesamara is terminated

Ten Groupings
of the 38
Blessings of life

The Mangala Sutta is a path to total fulfilment in our daily lives & spiritual achievement. In order to easily understand the Mangala Sutta, you should imagine yourself as father asking yourself what kind of a person and what qualities do you want your children to have.

Supposed you are a teacher, what qualities do you want your student to possess? What kind of people you want your little brother or sister to be? What if you are an owner of a big company, who do you want to work for your company?

You would find that the kind of person whom you want your children, students, brothers, sisters, and workers to be, would be the person who possessed the qualities of the “perfect man”; that is:

  1. That person must be a good person. Nobody likes mischievous or unkind people.
  2. That person must be ready to improve his or herself. He or she should get guidance & encouragement him or her to do good work and good deeds.
  3. That person must be a useful person. He or she must have talents, or some sort of specialty. He or she must know how to work and how to speak appropriately.
  4. That person must have a good family. Having a stable family and a stable income is very important. A warm and supportive family makes the individual happy. Family members will not argue with each other.
  5. That person must be generous. He or she must not be selfish or like to take advantage of others. He or she should always likes to help others as well as making contribution to society. 
The five qualities mentioned above are the qualities of the perfect person who everyone wants to associate with. 

However, we do not know how to develop these qualities to become our character. 
The Buddha has already taught us the lesson of how to become one of these “perfect people”. 

That lesson is called: The Mangala Sutta.

The Mangala Sutta or the thirty-eight blessing of life are categorized into ten groups. The first five groups are the guidelines of how you should behave, in order to shape your life. They are the things in which all of us have to face with and react to in every single day of our lives. The last five groups are dedicated directly towards clearing and purifying one’s heart and mind. 

When one can behave according to the first five groups, one would automatically possess the five qualities of the “perfect people” we have mentioned earlier.

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